Our Approach

Our process starts with a simple meeting to begin understanding the client’s objectives, goals, budgets, schedule, programmatic needs, design standards, and to develop a plan to guide your project through the design and construction process. The design of a project will evolve through various stages such as conceptual design, schematic design, design development, construction documents, pricing, construction and close out. Each stage in the design process represents specific deliverables we submit to the client and also provides opportunities to re-evaluate the design at important intervals. Our objective, as your architect, is to fuse your vision with our artistic and technological capabilities, our market expertise, research and innovation, and our expertise in budgeting and scheduling. We will partner the best in-house architects with your project who will be responsible for overseeing and managing all the day-to-day tasks and coordination among all the team members. Our talented designers will be at your disposal at every stage as we craft your design to your needs.

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Our Design Process

A few highlights of our process are below:

  • Crafting Ideas: The development of ideas into a tangible reality requires a keen vision and thoughtful approach to construct. Our team at Mussman Architects inspires, crafts and refines your vision from start to finish, elevating your idea into a built form.
  • Collaboration: Developing design from initial concept to final form necessitates a thorough process that fuses the client’s vision, market expertise, research, innovation and economics. This process requires effective participation among many team members including the client, architects, contractor, engineer and many more.
  • Technology: We use the latest programs to innovate, collaborate, and fine tune designs, resulting in better coordinated designs that reduce construction conflicts and that create seamless transitions from design to construction to operation.
  • Budget: We use a dynamic, multi-step pricing process that begins as soon a project is envisioned and continues throughout the design process. The process extrapolates known cost conditions with unique project characteristics to provide real-time estimates.
  • Permitting: Our experienced team will ensure each design complies will all codes and will engage code officials as necessary to evaluate the design intent to ensure a smooth approval process.
  • Construction Administration: During the construction phase, our staff visits the site to verify conformance with the design intent of the drawings and attends all meetings with the client and contractor to assist and lend our expertise to the process. We remain heavily involved and stay in constant communication with all team members to help ensure the project has a successful completion.

Lean Design

Architecture is ultimately a composition of materials, systems, and space carefully organized and crafted to a particular function. The design of a building is both scientific and organic, and successful buildings balance the two with great precision. As architects, our task is to imagine such a construct, implement a framework for development, and manage the creative, technical, and jurisdictional processes necessary in every project. We have standardized much of the process for efficiency and consistency with the goal of freeing up more of our architects’ time for creating beautiful spaces.

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